Welcome to our GetResponse review for 2024.

Are you looking for a good email marketing platform to boost your engagement and sales? Well, GetResponse can be the answer. But is it right for you? That is what we will discuss in this comprehensive review. Let’s first provide you with our quick verdict about the platform.

Our Quick Verdict

Before we tried GetResponse, we walked through different reviews about it and found both praise and criticism. So we were so confused. But after we tested it, we can finally share our opinion, which is that GetResponse is a strong and easy-to-use option for you if you want to start with email marketing and are looking for a platform that offers everything in one place. Starting from the features it provides, besides its pricing, and excellent deliverability rate. It has almost everything you may need to start.

That will provide you with a rich experience at an affordable price, whether you are an individual or you have a business. Also, we can’t forget the free plan provided forever. However, the lack of phone support, and some features in its free plan, can hold it back compared to its alternatives. Overall, GetResponse is a solid player, but your unique needs should guide your choice. In our case, we encourage you to test it as long as it is free anyway.

GetResponse Review: Key Pros and Cons

GetResponse, like any other marketing platform, has its pros and cons. However, these are the things we like about it and the things that can be better:

What do we like the most? 🙂 

  • Forever Free Plan: With up to 500 subscribers and 2,500 emails monthly, which makes it perfect for testing.
  • Free 30-Day Trial: To explore the premium features before getting a paid plan.
  • Budget-Friendly: Compared to some competitors, it offers strong features at a low price.
  • Excellent Deliverability: To ensure your emails are delivered to your subscribers.
  • Easy Email Automation: This helps to focus on automating email campaigns instead of difficult technicalities.
  • 24/7 Online Support: Provides ongoing customer support for prompt help.
  • All-In-One Marketing Suite: Webinars, building landing pages, designing emails, and managing leads all in one place.

Can be better 🙁 

  • It Can Get Expensive: for users with a large list.
  • Not the Cheapest Option: when compared to certain competitors.
  • No Phone Support: The lack of phone support can serve as a disadvantage for consumers who prefer direct communication.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an online software that allows its users to create, manage, and analyze their marketing efforts. Since its start in 1997 in Poland, it has stood out as one of the most popular email marketing solutions for individuals and small businesses. Today, the platform stands out as a trusted source, with over 5.2 million visitors and 400,000 customers worldwide. But, actually, GetResponse has many other features that make it go far beyond email marketing. So, it would be more accurate to call it an all-in-one marketing solution. Let’s discover these features.


GetRespons platform

GetResponse Setup

Well, after you create your account on GetResponse and activate it successfully, they will ask you to provide information about yourself and your business, like your name and address, so they can set you up. These details are important to follow CAN-SPAM and international spam regulations. Also, it will appear in the footer of any email you send. And choosing whether to let an AI-powered template do almost everything for you or do it manually after that.

So, we chose to do it manually. They will redirect you to the dashboard where you will need to create your signup page, a welcome autoresponder, and so on, as you can see in the picture.

GetResponse Setup

GetResponse Setup

Don’t worry, we will discuss all that in the next part, the key features GetResponse offers.

What Features Does GetResponse Offer in 2024?

Before we tested GetResponse, we heard and read many reviews that say it has a range of strong features and almost everything you may expect from an email marketing platform. Well, let’s see if it is truly a strong option, as it is called, and let’s find out if all this key stuff makes it superior to its competitors.

Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, we find that GetResponse provides you with many of the tools you may need to create, send, or schedule your newsletters. Let’s start with creating a newsletter.

First, to create one, you need to click “Tools,”  then “Email Marketing” and “Create Newsletter.”

As you can see in the picture below, GetResponse gives you two options to create your email, whether by yourself from scratch by using its drag-and-drop editor or through the AI email generator.

Options to create your email

Options to create your email

If you choose the AI email generator, GetResponse will give you 3 runs, and you will have to answer some questions, like, What is your email about? What kind of business do you have? Who is this email for? So, we have tested it and asked it to write an email about coupon codes. Here is the result, as you can see in the picture.

AI email Generator result

AI email Generator result

Now, let’s create one by ourselves to see what GetResponse has to offer.

Email templates

Well, we found that GetResponse has many predesigned and mobile-friendly templates to use as an option—around 100 templates, which is perfect for beginners. Although it is less than some competitors like AWeber, which has more than 600. While 600 is better, 100 is also enough. These templates are categorized into 6 categories ( Welcome tamplets, Promote, Sell, etc..)

Some examples of GetResponse templates

Some examples of GetResponse templates

Also, you can start a blank template or build it through the HTML editor if you have good skills in coding.

Drag-and-drop editor

The drag-and-drop editor is very smooth and easy to use; it has a variety of blocks that will help you create exactly what you need, from images and text to videos and buttons. Also, it offers many fonts compared to some competitors. You can add a custom font if you want as well.

Drag and Drop Editor

Drag and Drop Editor

Overall, there is nothing to say about it; everything is working seamlessly and responsively on our side.

After designing your email, GetResponse asks you if you want to send it immediately, schedule it for later, or use the perfect timing feature. Although it is not available in the free plan, it is a very helpful feature where the tool sends your email at the time when the subscriber is most likely to open it.

Email sending options

A/B tests (known as Split testing as well)

Wait, after I create my emails, how do I know which one performs better? GetResponse thought about that, so it offers the A/B feature in all plans, even the free one. With this amazing feature, you can compare two versions of your email against each other, like a friendly competition. Simply, send version A to some of your subscribers and version B to others, and GetResponse will show you which one performed better.

A/B test


The RSS-to-email feature will help you a lot if you have a blog and want to share any updates with your audience. Instead of wasting your time by manually copying and pasting, just connect your RSS feed, pick a template, and boom—the fresh content will be delivered straight to your subscribers’


And of course, you have reports where you can track email openings, clicks, unsubscribes, and other important metrics.

Let’s jump to the next feature,

Autoresponders & Marketing Automation

Maybe knowing the difference between autoresponders and automation for beginners can be tricky. Let’s start with autoresponders.


This feature from GetResponse is like a “set-it-and-forget-it.” By using it, you can create, for example, a warm welcome email sent immediately after anyone subscribes to your list. Or you can use them to deliver course content, send personalized birthday greetings, and more. In short, imagine it as a pre-recorded message sent to specific subscriber actions.


Autoresponders creation options

GetResponse allows you to create one by yourself or rely on AI, as you can see in the picture. If you choose AI, you will have to answer some questions, as we did in email marketing before. What key points would you like to highlight? What field do you work in? Who is your message for? What is your autoresponder type? So, we have asked AI to write a welcome message for our coupon website, CouponFYI. The result we get is shown in the picture below.

AI autoresponder result

AI autoresponder result

And of course, you have the option of designing your autoresponder email by yourself with the drag-and-drop editor, HTML editor, or predesigned templates.

Example of an autoresponder ready-template

Example of an autoresponder ready-template

Don’t worry, since GetResponse explains all you have to know about their autoresponders in video tutorials, so you can get started without any problems.

Marketing Automation

Now, automation goes beyond pre-recorded messages.

It’s like your dynamic marketing machine that responds to your subscribers like a conversation. If they open your email, send them a special offer. Did they click a link? Redirect them to a personalized path.

This feature enables you to create automation workflows from scratch using the drag-and-drop editor.

Example of a welcome Workflow

Example of a welcome Workflow

Or, you can use a ready-made template. As you can see in the picture below, there are many templates, including welcome, lead qualifying, engagement & retention, post-purchase, abandoned cart, online courses, webinars and events, sales promotions, and affiliate marketing. You can import a template as well. Besides all that, there are articles and video tutorials on YouTube that will help you understand all the processes easily.

Example of automation-ready templates

Example of automation-ready templates

Generally, with GetResponse Automation, you can create complicated campaigns with branching options based on your subscriber’s clicks, opens, website visits, and even abandoned carts.

Landing Page and Website Builder

If you want to grow your list, sell more products, or share updates about your business, it is important to have a landing page or a website. GetResponse understands the importance of that, so it provides you with the “Website Builder” and “Landing Pages,” features, where you can design one of them whether by the drag-and-drop editor or starting from scratch. Or simply use ready-made templates, and of course, you can use the power of AI. Also, you can manage all your landing pages.

Landing Pages

As we did before, we will test all the options available to see the results.

Create Landing page options

Create Landing page options

For the AI builder, we have asked it to write a landing page related to coupon codes and discounts. It will ask you to answer some questions. And here we are. It generated successfully 3 layouts, each one containing sections including a call-to-action button, a FAQ, a sign-up form, a video, and some analytics.

Generated landing pages

Generated landing pages

Of course, you can add your finishing touch by editing your preferred design.

In terms of using ready templates, we found that GetResponse offers 93 ready templates to use as a landing page. All of them are responsive and categorized into 30 different categories.

Example of landing pages ready tamplets

Example of landing pages ready templates

Website Builder

The same applies to website builders; you can use AI or a ready template or create it yourself.

When it comes to AI, you will answer some simple questions, like, What type of business do you have? What kind of website do you want to build? and boom, it is ready.

Example of website template

AI-Generated Website

However, for ready templates, you have around 133 templates in different categories, from e-commerce to educational templates.

Example of websites ready templates

Example of websites ready templates

Overall, you have different options to design your landing page and website, whether you are a pro or a beginner.


GetResponse lets you host live presentations without switching platforms, which is important. So, you can manage both your email list and webinars in one place, making lead generation and sales way easier.

Webinar setup

Webinar setup

Its setup is easy; all you have to do is enter your webinar title, “You can Generate One with AI,” and add a date and time in the basic settings. GetResponse will provide you with the link to your webinar.

Use the registration and subscription settings if you want people to register before watching your live after you pick a list to add them to.

The lobby and webinar room appearance settings are related to personalizing the background image to match your brand style. Then click Create.

Now, you can start sending invites to your contact list.

Example of webinar live

Example of a live webinar

Overall, the process is very easy. In addition, GetResponse gives you articles to learn how to record your webinar and about the webinar statistics.


We can’t talk about the features GetResponse provides without talking about its integrations. GetResponse allows you to integrate your account with over 200 popular platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Woocommerce, and more, which is considered a big number compared with some alternatives. Perfect.

Example of GetResponse integrations

Example of GetResponse integrations

Additional Features

We have explained above only some of the key features GetResponse provides. However, there are many other features; we can’t explain all of them here, for example:

  • Forms and pop-ups: Create and add a signup form, comment box, promo bar, and more to your website, or show them as pop-ups.
  • E-commerce tools: Manage your store and send targeted product recommendations.
  • Conversion funnels: Create automatic ways to guide visitors to specific activities, like subscribing to your email list, purchasing a product, or booking a service.
  • Paid ads: Improve your reach and directly target potential clients using popular platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
  • Chat: Contact your visitors in real-time to answer questions and convert leads.
  • Web push notifications: to send updates in real-time to your website visitors.
GetResponse other features

GetResponse other features


GetResponse Deliverability

Email deliverability rate is one of the most important things you have to look at when you choose an email marketing tool. But, let’s face it, what is the purpose of all these features if my emails do not land in the inbox? Since not all email marketing platforms have a perfect deliverability rate, we put GetResponse to the test to see how perfect it is. As long as they were transparent about their deliverability rates on their website, as they say, “We are proud to say our overall deliverability rate currently stands at 99%.” Guess what? It passed the test. It achieved a 100% deliverability rate.

However, keep in mind that you can only achieve this rate when you follow the best email marketing practices.

GetResponse and AI in 2024

We are in 2024, so it’s important to talk about the power of AI and its effect on your email marketing strategies. Yes, AI isn’t just an option for email marketing anymore—it’s essential today. GetResponse understands this evolution. That’s why they’ve used AI to help you boost your marketing. As you can see above, almost all its features support AI.

By using the power of artificial intelligence, you can create engaging emails and increase your engagement. The proof is in the pudding, as GetResponse users report that after they use AI, they see:

  • 20% increase in email open rates
  • 30% boost in click-through rates
  • 15% improvement in conversion rates

AI is going to:

  • Writes for you: Titles, descriptions, even entire newsletters
  • Personalize your experiences: by crafting unique emails for each subscriber based on their interests, which will boost engagement and sales.
  • Smart automation: triggering the right emails at the perfect time, nurturing leads, and closing deals on autopilot.
  • Also, identify high-value leads with AI and focus on your efforts where they matter most.
Real-world User experience with AI

Real-world User experience with AI

Who Can Use GetResponse in 2024?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, blogger, or creator, GetResponse might be the key you’ve been looking for. The platform offers many features you are looking for in one place, from email marketing and landing pages to automation and analytics.

Why Should Choose GetResponse in 2024?

The things that make GetResponse a trusted source you should choose are that it is a popular platform with over 400,000 customers in over 183 countries, which makes it stand out as a successful and reliable platform. But trust isn’t the only thing that makes them famous. GetResponse has also garnered many awards, like the Stevie® Awards for Customer Service and Capterra’s Best Email Marketing Software, solidifying their expertise in the domain. To top it off, over 5.2 million visitors “according to SimilarWeb.” flock to their website each month, which shows their widespread popularity and appeal. So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy, award-winning email marketing platform backed by a thriving community, GetResponse is a strong contender.

How to Get Started with GetResponse in 2024

Create a free GetResponse account, then build your first email list and design a simple email campaign to test the waters!

Build online presence with trusted marketing software (en)

But, before starting with GetResponse, how much does it cost?

How Much Does GetResponse Cost in 2024?

GetResponse Pricing in 2024

GetResponse Pricing in 2024

GetResponse has five plans with different prices based on the number of subscribers. A free plan forever with 30 days to try premium features and 4 paid plans—here is a breakdown.

  1. Free Plan (starts at $0 per month) – If you have less than 500 subscribers, or if you want to try the platform. You will get access to all features available in standard plans for 30 days before committing to a paid plan.

  2. Email Marketing – This plan starts at $19 per month for monthly plans. It starts at $15.6/mo for 12 months and $13.3/mo for 24 months instead of $19. It lets you send an unlimited number of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers. Perfect for: entrepreneurs and small businesses.

  3. Marketing Automation ( The most popular plan, according to GetResponse) starts at $59 for monthly plans. $48.4/mo for 12 months and $41.3/mo for 24 months instead of $59. It allows you to send unlimited emails to up to 1,000 subscribers. Perfect for: entrepreneurs and small businesses.

  4. Ecommerce Marketing – It starts at $119 per month for monthly plans. While it starts at $97.6/mo for 12 months and $83.3/mo for 24 months instead of $119. It allows you to send unlimited emails to up to 1,000 subscribers. Perfect for: entrepreneurs and small businesses.

  5. GetResponse Max – This plan starts at $1099/mo for more than 100,000 subscribers.

Get your business online with free website builder (en)

Does it look expensive to you? Don’t worry; the platform provides some discounts to help you start your email marketing journey. Also, CouponFYI has a coupon code as a gift for you.

GetResponse Coupon Codes and Discounts

GetResponse offers a 30% discount on its 24-month plans and 18% off on 12-month plans, with no discount on monthly plans. However, these discounts can increase during seasonal events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last Black Friday, for example, GetResponse provided 40% off on a 2-year plan, 30% off a 1-year plan, and 15% off for existing users who want to upgrade and new users.

In addition to these discounts, you can apply one of these GetResponse coupon codes to receive up to 37% off on your preferred plan.

Customer Support

GetResponse offers several ways to reach out to their support team 4 hours a day, 7 days a week, in 8 languages, including email in “English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese.” And live chat” in English and Polish,” which is a good and fast option compared to email. We actually prefer live chat because it is fast. On average, it takes about 2 to 3 minutes to get an answer. Sometimes even faster. However, if you prefer phone support, based on our latest check, it is only available for GetResponse MAX accounts.

Overall, GetResponse has good support, but its quality seems to vary depending on individual experiences. While some users are very satisfied, others encounter challenges.

GetResponse Support

Support and Languages Available

Our Overall Rating

Since we are a coupon website that focuses on the platform’s provided discounts besides its features, and based on the platform’s popularity, features, intuitive usability, and responsive customer support, besides some weaknesses, our overall rating is 4.6/5.

GetResponse Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t simply take our word; see what other real users are saying about GetResponse.

Positive GetResponse Review with 5 Stars on Trustpilot: According to Karan, GetResponse is not only a great and user-friendly website, but it also provides excellent customer service. His positive interaction with Live Chat support, who responded in just 2-3 minutes, shows us the amazing component of the service. Overall, Karan’s review highlights the positive qualities of GetResponse when it comes to user-friendliness and responsive support for clients.

GetRespons's positive review

A positive GetResponse review from Karan

Negative GetResponse Review with 1 Star on Trustpilot: But for Beau Heaven, GetResponse was not as he expected. Although he had a positive experience with the tech team, the problems with misselling and mis-advertising, especially in the first two weeks, led to his frustration. He requested a refund or discount for the next month, which was rejected, with Blazej showing inflexible insistence. Beau is looking into other alternatives.

GetRespons's negative review

A negative GetResponse review from Beau Heaven

Well, based on these reviews from Trustpilot, we can see that some users have had a good experience with it while others have not. But the good thing is that GetResponse tries to resolve that directly.

Reply from GetResponse: So, Abbie from GetResponse Support apologizes to Beau for the issues, promises to fix them, and invites them to discuss further. This shows that GetResponse cares about customer satisfaction.

GetRespons reply

GetRespons reply to Beau

Key Alternatives

Whether you choose GetResponse or not is your choice. This is what we think about the platform based on our testing and other user’s experiences. But if you decide to look for other alternatives, here are the best GetResponse alternatives for 2024.


Is GetResponse easy to use, even for beginners?

Well, after we tested GetResponse for some days, we can say it is a user-friendly platform. There are many pre-designed templates to get you started. in addition to the drag-and-drop email builder and more. Overall, and from our point of view, it is easy for anyone, whether a beginner or a pro. If you are not sure, give it a try, since it offers a free plan and free access to premium features for 30 days.

Can I use GetResponse for free?

Yes, GetResponse offers a free plan forever that allows you to add 500 contacts and send 2500 emails monthly. In addition, you will have access to premium features for 30 days.

How much does GetResponse cost?

It depends on the plan you get and the number of subscribers you have. The free plan allows 500 subscribers and starts at $0, while the paid plans start at $19, and the more subscribers you have, the more you will pay.

Which is better: GetResponse or AWeber?

There is no fixed answer to this question actually, as it depends on the user and his requirements. Some love GetResponse, while others love Aweber. So, it is better to test both of them to decide which one meets your needs.