Have you ever heard about the Amazon Refund Trick before? It’s a sneaky method some people use to get refunds from Amazon without actually returning the products. It’s been making waves lately, but here’s the thing: it’s unethical and risky. In this article, we will look into this “trick,” explain why it’s best to avoid it, and talk about honest ways to save on Amazon.

Amazon Refund Trick

Amazon has changed how we do online shopping. It offers a wide range of goods, easy delivery, and a return-friendly approach. This has made Amazon popular with shoppers across the globe. But, trying the “Amazon refund trick” has led some to trouble.

What is Amazon’s Refund Policy?

Amazon puts customer satisfaction first. That’s why it has a refund policy that’s easy to use. You can return most items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange.

With a return request, you get a prepaid label. This makes sending back items easy. Once they get and check your item, they refund or exchange it as fast as possible. This shows how much Amazon cares about its customers and wants to keep them happy.

Key Highlights of Amazon’s Return and Refund Process

  • Amazon protects your purchase with the A to Z Guarantee. This includes up to $2,500 plus shipping if something goes wrong with a third-party purchase.
  • They have different refund rules for other items, not just one for every purchase. This makes it fair for everyone.
  • Top FAQs about returns are right there for you to find. This helps you fix almost everything without calling for help.
  • Check out the “Returns and Replacements” section at the bottom of the page. It makes returns easier and clearer, so you know what to do.

Exceptions and Non-Returnable Items

Well, Amazon’s return policy is usually very open. But, there are a few items you can’t return. These include Items classified as hazardous materials and digital items.

Returnless refunds can be given for some products based on the seller’s rules. Amazon also has prepaid or free returns for other items.

Returnless refunds are good for sellers. They save money on processing and don’t need to handle returned items. But, sellers must be careful and make smart choices to avoid losing money on returned items.

” 92% of customers according to a survey are happy to buy again from a store if they find the return experience positive.”

Both customers and sellers should know Amazon’s refund options well. This helps everyone have a good shopping experience.

How to Request a Refund on Amazon?

Amazon Returns & Orders page

To get a refund on Amazon, follow these steps:

1. Go to Amazon’s Website or App:

  • Open the Amazon website or app and log into your account.

2. Navigate to ‘Your Orders’:

  • On the website, click on “Returns & Orders” located at the top right of the page.
  • On the app, tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) and then select “Your Orders.”

3. Find the Order:

  • Locate the order you want to return and get a refund for.

4. Select the Item:

  • Click on “Return or Replace Items” next to the item you wish to return.

5. Choose a Reason:

  • Select the reason for the return from the drop-down menu. Be as specific as possible to help Amazon improve its service.

6. Select a Refund Method:

  • Choose how you want to receive your refund (e.g., original payment method, Amazon gift card, etc.).

7. Prepare Your Package:

  • Follow the instructions to print the return label and any required documentation.
  • Package the item securely, attach the return label, and include the documentation inside the package.

8. Return the Item:

  • Drop off the package at the specified location (e.g., post office, UPS store) or schedule a pickup if available.

9. Track Your Return:

  • You can track the status of your return and refund through the “Your Orders” section on Amazon.

10. Receive Your Refund:

  • Once Amazon receives and processes your return, you’ll receive a confirmation email. The refund will be issued according to the method you selected.

Refund Timeframes:

  • Amazon-fulfilled Items: After Amazon receives and processes your return, refunds are often sent out within 14 days.
  • Third-party Seller Items: The seller will review your request and decide whether to provide a refund. If you have a problem with the seller’s response, you can ask for an A-to-Z guarantee refund.

What is the Amazon Refund Trick?

The “Amazon refund trick” is when some people try to get their money back from Amazon without returning what they bought. They make false claims about the product being damaged or not right or even that they never received it. Sometimes, they might even return a different, cheaper item or an empty box, hoping Amazon won’t notice. Then they get a refund. Essentially, they use this trick to exploit the company’s generous return policy.

Let’s see some real-life scammer examples for this trick,

Amazon Refund Trick: Real-Life Scammer Examples

This small trick for some has led to big money losses for Amazon. For example, in one case a man named Hudson Hamrick tricked Amazon out of almost $300,000 in five years. He asked for refunds on over 300 things but sent back cheaper items. Another case is James Gilbert Kwarteng, who scammed Amazon out of $370,000. He sent back boxes filled with dirt instead of the real items.

Even a doctor, Farhaad Riyaz, from Washington D.C., has tried this trick on Amazon. He got over $300,000 by not sending items back. But those caught doing this could face up to 20 years in prison, big fines, and loss of their products.

“Because it’s online, some individuals believe they won’t get caught, but they did in these cases. So, it’s better not to try.”

These stories show how big the risks are. Trying to cheat Amazon is not a smart move. The price you pay, both in money and law, is too high.

Amazon Refund Trick Real-Life Scammer Examples

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Why Do People Try the Trick?

Mainly, it’s for financial gain. Getting a refund without losing the product feels like getting something for free. Others do it because they think they can outsmart Amazon’s system. It’s all about exploiting the loopholes they perceive in Amazon’s policies.

Why You Should Avoid the Amazon Refund Trick?

Getting items for free or at a discount through the Amazon refund trick might seem good. But it’s important to know there are serious risks. People who do this are breaking the rules and can face big penalties. Amazon’s policies are made for customer trust, not for cheating them.

OK, are there any ethical alternatives to save money on Amazon? Yes, this is what we are about to see.

Ethical Alternatives to Save Money on Amazon ➡ 

There are a lot of honest ways to save money on Amazon. You can use Amazon discounts like Amazon Prime and Amazon Warehouse. These offer free shipping, lower prices, and special sales. There are also plenty of tools and websites you can use to find hidden coupons and promo codes on Amazon. You can check our Amazon promo codes page where we list the most recent Amazon discounts and coupon codes every day to help shoppers like you maximize their savings.

Amazon Prime membership is a great way to save. With Prime, you get 5% cash back on purchases through Rakuten. You also get free shipping on many items and exclusive deals, especially during events like Prime Day. Another good option is Amazon Warehouse. Here, you find products at lower prices that are still in good shape.

Having the right credit card can help you save more. The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express gives you 6% cash back on groceries, up to $6,000 per year. The Blue Cash Everyday® Card gives 3% back on groceries in the U.S.

Students get extra Amazon savings. Amazon Prime Student gives 6 months of Prime for free and then a 50% discount. With Prime, you also get 1 free book each month from the Kindle lending library and unlimited photo storage.

There are plenty of ethical ways to save money on Amazon. By using Amazon’s discounts and rewards, you can shop comfortably. This is without having to worry about the risks linked to dodgy tricks.

How Does the Amazon Refund Trick Work?

The usual way of the Amazon refund trick has a few simple steps:

  1. First, the scammer makes a new Amazon account to look honest.
  2. Then, he buys some small things to show he is a good customer.
  3. He orders something big that he plans to get a refund for dishonestly.
  4. Once he gets it, he tells Amazon it’s wrong, damaged, or not what you ordered.
  5. And finally, he asks for a refund without sending the item back.

This works because Amazon sometimes refunds without needing the item back, especially if it’s not worth shipping back. However, doing this is really risky as Amazon works hard to stop and punish fraudsters.

But the problem is that scammers and fraudsters continuously develop new tactics to exploit online shoppers, making vigilance and caution crucial in avoiding falling prey to such scams.

However, also Amazon keeps improving to stay ahead of scammers and protect its customers. Its strong focus on security shows its promise to be a trusted place for all. Let’s see how.

Amazon’s Fraud Detection Measures

As we said above, Amazon works hard to fight fraud as more people use its refund policy. It keeps its platform safe by always looking out for scams.

To protect customers and sellers, Amazon checks accounts for too many returns. It looks at what’s bought and returned to spot any strange activities. They use smart technology to quickly catch anyone trying to misuse refunds.

Also, they ask for photos of products for returns and check return item weights. These steps make sure refunds are fair and safe. They stop scammers from trying any tricks.

Scammers do try to outsmart Amazon’s defenses, but Amazon is quick to respond. People who get caught face serious outcomes, like legal trouble or losing money and accounts.

Impact on Honest Customers

Unfortunately, the actions of a few can affect many. Honest customers might face increased scrutiny when requesting legitimate refunds. Also, Amazon could tighten its return policies, making the process more cumbersome for everyone.


Getting free stuff from Amazon might sound exciting, but the Amazon refund trick is not a smart idea. This trick breaks the rules, using Amazon’s good return policy in a bad way. It’s against the law and if caught, you could face serious trouble. This includes losing your account, being sued, or facing criminal charges.

Amazon is a big company that makes billions each year. However, engaging in scams is always illegal, regardless of the company’s size. They have smart systems that catch people trying to scam the system. By tricking Amazon, you hurt the trust in buying online. This can also make prices go up for everyone else to cover the losses.

Instead of taking the risk, look for real ways to save on Amazon. Use the deals, discounts, and the store’s own good policies. By doing this, you keep the online market fair. Plus, you stay out of trouble and enjoy using Amazon without worries.


Is the Amazon Refund Trick illegal?

Yes, the Amazon Refund Trick is illegal. It’s considered fraud and theft, and you could face serious legal consequences if caught.

What happens if I get caught trying the Amazon Refund Trick?

If caught, you could face legal charges, fines, and account suspension or ban from Amazon. The repercussions can be severe and long-lasting.

Can Amazon detect refund fraud easily?

Yes, Amazon uses advanced technology and algorithms to detect refund fraud. They check purchase patterns and suspicious activities, making it difficult to get away with such tricks.

Are there any legal ways to get refunds from Amazon?

Follow Amazon’s official refund process, provide accurate information, and be honest about your situation. Amazon is accommodating to genuine claims.

How can I save money on Amazon without breaking the rules?

You can save money by utilizing discounts, promotions, and coupons. Subscribing to Amazon’s deals and offers can also help you get good prices legally and ethically.