Imagine this, you wake up to a social media firestorm. The brand-new, high-definition TVs – the model you’ve been eyeing for months –are being sold on Amazon for just $10. This isn’t a dream (or a Black Friday) – This, my friends, is the allure of the Amazon price glitches. A technical error or human mistake throws the marketplace into temporary chaos, with products listed at low prices.

The allure is undeniable. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to snag a top-of-the-line TV for pocket change? But before you hit that “buy” button with lightning speed, let’s look at the truth of these glitches and provide you with smarter ways to save on Amazon.

The Allure of Amazon Price Glitches

The allure of a price glitch lies in the thrill of discovering an unexpected, massive discount. It’s similar to finding a hidden treasure, offering the potential for huge savings on expensive items making it a really attractive opportunity for bargain hunters.

There are many tools and online groups that help people find these deals by tracking prices and letting them know when there’s a big drop. It’s like a club for bargain hunters who want to score these special savings.

The Dark Side of Amazon Price Glitches

Customer Risks

As a customer, it’s important to recognize the potential risks involved with this thrill. Amazon often cancels orders placed during a glitch once the error is detected. This will leave you empty-handed (and potentially frustrated). Moreover, repeated attempts to exploit these glitches can result in suspensions or bans of your Amazon account.

Ethical Considerations

Beyond the personal risks, taking advantage of these glitches raises ethical issues. This can hurt the sellers, often small businesses, who lose money on those mistakes. Ethical shopping means thinking about the impact of our activities on others, especially the sellers who bring us great products.

Promoters and Partners

Also, for those participating in the affiliate program, promoting glitch deals can hurt your standing. It is a good idea to focus on legitimate deals to stay on Amazon’s good side and avoid getting your account banned. Play it safe, promote real deals, and keep the affiliate income flowing.

Moving Beyond the Glitch: Smart Shopping Strategies

So, how can you find the best deals and score real savings on Amazon? Here are some tried-and-true methods:

Use a Coupon Code

Instead of seeking Amazon price glitches, you can use a coupon code to get significant discounts on your purchases it can be up to 80% Off. Our website CouponFYI constantly updated with the latest and greatest Amazon promo codes. From discounts on everyday essentials to electronics markdowns, these coupons can provide significant savings without the risk of order cancellation.

Take Advantage of Tracking Tools

Thinking about using browser extensions or apps designed for price tracking can also help you find the best deals. This allows you to make informed decisions about when to buy, ensuring you get the best possible price.

Strategic Shopping

Timing your purchases around seasonal sales, Prime Day deals, and clearance events can also result in substantial savings. Planning and being patient often pays off more consistently than waiting for a glitch to happen.

A Brief History of Amazon Price Glitches

When we provide some examples of Amazon price glitches below we don’t encourage you to look for them, but we show you how the impact of these mistakes especially for small businesses and independent sellers, who may already be operating on thin margins.

1. A $520 Segway Ninebot MAX Foldable Scooter for $60

The world of Amazon glitches has a colorful past. For example, on a late April night in 2021, some Amazon shoppers snagged the high-end Segway Ninebot MAX Foldable Electric Scooter for a mere $60. The actual price was supposed to be $520, but because of a glitch, it caused a discount to reach almost 90% Off. Amazon couldn’t cancel orders fast enough, and many shoppers got the deal.

Amazon Price Glitches Segway Ninebot MAX Foldable Scooter

2. $5,000 8K Samsung TV for $150 “Never Happened”

This is crazy, just imagine that. In November 2020, because of a price glitch, a super nice TV bundle (Samsung QLED 8K with Alexa) that usually costs a whopping $5,000 got listed for only $150. Again, only a few people saw it before it was fixed, but it shows how crazy these glitches can impact the price.

8K Samsung TV

3. $548 Sony Camera for $95

Camera lovers got lucky in July 2019! A glitch made a bunch of Sony cameras, including the popular Alpha a6000, cost just $95 instead of the usual $548 price tag. Some people had their orders canceled, but others got amazing deals.

Sony Camera


While Amazon price glitches can be tempting, they’re unreliable and come with risks. Luckily, there are plenty of smart shopping strategies that can help you score real savings without ethical concerns. Here at CouponFYI, we’re dedicated to helping you become an informed shopper and navigate the world of Amazon deals with confidence. Explore our verified list of coupons and learn more about strategic shopping to become a pro at finding genuine savings. Remember, happy shopping (the ethical kind).

Amazon Price Glitches FAQs

Are there any Amazon price glitches today on Reddit?

Price glitches can happen unexpectedly, so it's difficult to say for sure, also there's no specific source to track them all. However, if you are wondering about them on the Reddit website, some Reddit communities discuss online shopping deals and glitches, like r/amazon.

How can I find online price glitches today?

As we mentioned before there's no guaranteed way to find or track today's glitches on Amazon. However, you can check our Amazon promo codes page where you can find today's Amazon offers that can save you up to 80%.

Is there an Amazon glitch finder tool?

Based on our latest check, there are no authorized tools to find Amazon price glitches. However, some browser extensions and online communities might share pricing errors discovered by users. Also, Social media is another popular platform for these finds.

Are there websites that guarantee finding glitches for free stuff?

No, as we mentioned before there might be some extensions and online communities that share pricing errors discovered by users. But, be wary of websites promising free items through glitches. They can be scams or lead to unreliable information.

Can I keep items I get from a price glitch?

Legally, whether Amazon or any other retailer, they have the right to cancel orders you purchase from their platform due to pricing errors. So, there's no guarantee you'll get to keep an item if the price is clearly incorrect.